Our vision

At Āyu yoga school,
we believe in the power of togetherness to create joyful and enriching experiences,
we stand for a better world, gathering positive human beings from around the globe,
we believe in simplicity and compassion to spark truthful relationships,
we believe that the ancestral values of yoga can help the world to thrive more harmoniously

For a world that resonates on and off the mat.

 Joining ĀYU is an opportunity to live a powerful human experience and to give back to the community at the same time. Bringing yoga into our lives isn’t limited to the physical practice of asana – it concerns the way we act and react in our daily life and the impact we have on our environment. Yoga off the mat allows individuals to connect, share and grow in the most authentic path to contribute to a fairer and more conscientious world.

Follow the movement and participate in concrete social and environmental actions through our trainings.


Knowledge is at the core of all ĀYU experiences.


Mind, body and spirit united to find peace within ourselves and the people around us


Helping others rise and protecting the environment is our responsibility: we contribute to a more sustainable world.

Our funded projects


Our “Hatha Vinyasa intensive week” with Manon in 2019 funded a year of school supplies for orphans. We have donated the supplies to our partner BAYTI who take care of dozens of children in need and do tremendous work.
The intensive participants and 12 kids met up on the beach for a snack and to play beach games. Everyone had an amazing time, we will not forget the smiles on the kids faces. Our purpose is not only financial but it is to create social link between cultures – we are all one.


To take our engagement further, we have decided to take an important step towards the environment. As we ask our students to take the plane to join us in our centers, we want to try and limit our ecological impact. The work we do and the impact we have locally is greatly compensating for the fact that the planes our students take pollute the environment, however we want to go further.

We have decided to plant one tree for every 500 kilometers every student  will travel by plane.


Online courses – Each online training contributes to a cause. More information on the trainings pages.

September 2020 – Our “Yogic Anatomy” training with Yolande Dumas and Manon Descroix will donate funds to KARUNA SHECHEN, a foundation created by Matthieu Ricard which support Indian families.

September 2020 – “Disconnect to Self connect” with Théodore Zachée will fund water trucks coming to a secluded village to change the life of the habitants.

September 2020 – “Le périnée au service de la posture” with Yolande Dumas and Manon Descroix will donate fund to KARUNA SHECHEN.

October 2020 – “Raja Yoga Weekend” with Manon Descroix will donate funds to KARUNA SHECHEN as well as fund to support the plantation of trees.

May 2021 – “Inversion Intensive” with Manon Descroix will donate funds to Balinese local foundations supporting women and children. 

August 2021 – Our 200-hour teacher training will fund a weekend away for the orphan kids and host families to create social bond and take them out of a routine that can be frightening or uncomfortable.



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