200h Hatha-Vinyasa teacher training

A training with a purpose

This teacher training is part of a large social and environmental project undertaken in Morocco. 

A substantial part of your tuition fees will be donated to the ĀYU FOUNDATION to fund social initiatives.

We have chosen this teacher training to finance a weekend trip for the orphans of the foundation BAYTI in Essaouira.

Participating in a teacher training course is ideal for intermediate and advanced yogis wanting to take their practice to another level and become a certified yoga teacher. This course is an immersive training of 23 days where you will learn so much about yoga and meet incredible humans along the way.

If you are reading this right now, yoga has probably supported you in your life and you are feeling the need to deepen your practice by becoming a yoga teacher.

A profound training designed for intermediate and advanced yogis

This unique “level 1” 200 hour teacher training is for you if you have had a consistent and regular yoga practice for at least 1 year and you want to dive deeper into the knowledge of yoga philosophy, anatomy and asana practice. This immersive training will support you to let go of your fears and beliefs that no longer serve you to find your true self and shape the person you really want to be. We will explore together strong physical practices as well as a deep introspection through meditation techniques. We have designed a training where mind, body and soul are at the core in equal ways as we believe that happiness comes from a good balance of those three components. This program is physically, emotionally and mentally demanding and we expect you to put in discipline and efforts in order to make the most of your experience.

To become a knowledgeable yoga teacher

Our goal is to teach you the foundations of yoga for you to build confidence both in your personal practice and in your teachings. Your trainers will provide you with key techniques to help you to smoothly evolve from a yoga student to a knowledgeable yoga teacher.
You will be encouraged to find your authentic voice and style as a teacher in a supporting group. This transformational journey will teach you how to lead other people on the path of yoga in a secure and authentic way.

In a mindful environment

We will support you to explore your full potential during this course by welcoming you in a very peaceful environment where you will be able to feel a soothing energy. Our center in Morocco is located near the beautiful city of Essaouira where you will be able to enjoy a multitude of fun & eco-friendly activities.

With a purpose

We kindly allocate a part of your tuition to the ĀYU FOUNDATION to finance social and environmental projects. Thanks to your participation in our trainings and retreats, we are able to change the lives of the local community in Essaouira.
ĀYU FOUNDATION supports diverse concrete projects such as trips for homeless children, beach and land clean-ups, drinking water for small villages and spaying and neutering feral cats. We join forces with local foundations doing remarkable work but unfortunately lacking funding from the State.
We believe that together we have the power to make a positive change in the world we live in. By joining ĀYU, you directly impact the lives of the people living near our center.



AUGUST 8 – 30, 2021



Check our curriculum page to read the details about the modules of the training, schedule and classes.




Meditation & Pranayama




Anatomy, alignment & adjustment



The internationally recognized Yoga Alliance has granted us certification for this course. We have put together a team of experts and making it one of the most complete trainings. From deep anatomy insights to traditional philosophy, our students will be given thorough knowledge on Yoga. 
This training is for practitioners who want to advance their yoga practice during a 3-week intensive program.
What does it mean?
All students who undertake our Hatha Vinyasa 200H training and pass the exam will be able to register as Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructors. This registration will give them access to online course materials as well as a community. From experience, we have witnessed that in some countries, being Yoga Alliance certified can help you to secure jobs as a yoga teacher.

Accommodation is not included in the price.
Once your application has been accepted by our Head Trainers, you will receive an email with accommodation options to choose from and make a separate booking. Options (22 nights) start from 895€.

Early Bird Price

200h Hatha Vinyasa Teacher Training
8 – 30 AUGUST 2021
Essaouira (Morocco)

2 650,00 2 400,00

includes a donation of 300€ to local foundation BAYTI in Essaouira

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Pay a non-refundable deposit of 500,00
Accomodation options

Once your application has been accepted by our Head Trainers, you will receive an email with accommodation options to choose from and make a separate booking. Options (22 nights) start from 895€.

Please note that all accommodation options include vegetarian full board. You will be served three nutritious meals a day as well as snacks and juices between classes.

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